This 22 week online course has made many skilled and successful Project Planners. And it can do the same for you!

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Many sought a way into this high paying career, unable to find the available training to get them started.

Now It's Possible!

The Principles Of Project Planning was a first of its kind in the industry when it was implemented in 2012, delivering skilled Project Planners ever since. Now online, you can grow this skill without sacrificing your income.

Get the Software

We give you all the tools no matter your background.

Tested & perfected over many years.

Progressively apply and master skill.

Hans du Toit, a Project Planning expert with over 35 years experience, realised a shortage in the industry, and developed a course specifically focused on the Principles of Project Planning: Foundations that are essential to becoming a skilled and successful Project Planner. 

Get better use of the Software

Already working with the software, tell me how this will help me?

Not working with the software yet? How will this course help me?

Now, you can make the move to a career in Project Planning, without sacrificing your current income, by completing the course online, in the comfort of your own home.  You also have the opportunity to apply skills in your current positions, as you progressively master it in the course. 

Get Started with the course that has been tested & perfected for over 10 years!

You can become a skilled project planner, no matter your background!

Take It from our successful graduates.

Background: Agricultural Irrigation

Background: Agricultural Irrigation

Successful Project Planner: 4 year

Background: Printer Technician

Background: Printer Technician

Successful Project Planner: 1+ years

You said high paying?

The event that got this training started had an unskilled planner, already earning R72 000 pm apply to earn even more. Planners who have honed this skill earn much more. 

You can earn big bucks but you need big skill.

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“You can be a Planner for years, but you still learn on a daily basis. You always have questions, are you doing the right thing, is it correct or not. But with the course questions got answered. In every module I have learned something new and it’s a great help."

Jacques Jacobs - 2020 Student

“I have no training in project planning but the course thus far increased my knowledge a lot, so much so that I am already using some of the principles in a house renovation project. Excellent course that makes sense to me with instructor /admin willing to help and advise where needed.''

Wilhelm de Bruyn - 2021 Student

Young brown haired femail project planning student, with trees in the background

"Very pleasant experience and nice to be able to go back to revise through. I enjoy the layout and find it encouraging to have the progress monitoring.”

Ashlyn Thompson - 2022 Student

Let's Break it all down

Here's what you're really getting...

  • 1st of its kind Teaching Materials: The 1st of its kind in the industry, written by an EXPERT in the field with over 35 years’ experience – Valued at R35 000
  • Dedicated Course Administrator: You have access to a dedicated course administrator who helps to ensure that you have a smooth learning journey, offering you support via email, telephone and WhatsApp – Valued at R3 500
  • Assignment Graded by Professionals: Specially developed assignments allow you to apply and grow your knowledge into skill. Graded by Professionals, you get personalised feedback and comments by industry professionals on your work – Valued at R8000
  • Mentorship by the industry Professionals: Should you get stuck anywhere in the course and require guidance, our industry professionals will be on hand to guide you in the right direction – Valued at R1000/hr

That's well over R47 500!


We’ve ensured that you get all this in a User Friendly Course Environment

This course has been tested for its efficiency and success.

The successful project planners are still out there to prove it.

Will I pay R47 500?

If you wanted to enter any other specialised career it would cost that for just the first year, requiring many more years. But our goal is to fill the gap in the industry so… 

No... You are not going to pay R47 500.

We are trying to make it as affordable as possible, while still delivering on quality at international standards. 

Get all this for just R3750 / month for 4 months.

Or pay R15 000 once off. No extra charges for down payment. No savings for lump sums. Just a simple price made even easier to pay. 

Get Started Today for R3750!

Why is mentorship such a big deal? 

Mentorship is the original Project Planner development model we have incorporated, it because it works!

How will I know what I learn will be relevant in the field?

Your work graded by professionals who are actively in the field. You get personalised feedback and comments by active industry professionals on your work.

Does this course benefit working Project Planner?

Absolutely! Because the mentorship model has not been followed in many cases, this course helps Project Planners fill the gaps and ensure they are on the right track. We have had experienced Planners gain much from this course. 

Will I earn R72 000 pm after doing this course?

No. As with any career including, doctors, lawyers and engineers, you will need to hone these skills through experience. The way this course was designed, you can start doing that from day 1 by implementing it in your current position. More exposure will be gained by climbing the experience ladder. 

What do I need for the course?

A computer with a working internet connection. Microsoft Office will be beneficial. Pen and paper. A teachable attitude.

You’ll understand the software better, knowing what it does in the background. You’ll know when an output doesn’t make sense. 

You will learn the software very fast, because you already understand the principles the software is based on.