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Confirm Planner Skill?

We measure the Project Planner's actual available skill. Not based on years experience and certification or courses that they did, but what they can actually do. What they can provide for you and we give them a level, so you know what level this project planner is in and how you can apply him on your projects.

See if your Project Controls is set up for success.

We audit the project controls organisation. What you have in place for project controls to give you the best chance at success that can also include the project planner rating, so we look at your systems, your processes, the software you have available, your reporting structure, your project planner and give you some guidance on what you already have in place that is good. What you need to put in place or change to make it even better and give you the absolute best chance at project success.

Want us to do your Project Controls for you?

We offer a variety of services to suit the needs of our clients. Below you will find an overview of our services, however we can tailor our services to the unique needs of our clients and their projects. Whether it be providing personnel on-site, providing remote services, assessing the quality of schedules, Planners and departments, or providing team training. Get in touch and let us know what your unique needs are, so we can present you with solutions tailored to your needs. 

Our Services

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Schedule Analysis

A credible schedule protects you in two ways. 

  1. Firstly, it ensures you are able to deliver in the prescribed time, with the prescribed resources, steering away from the need for a claim.
  2. However, claims do often occur, in which case the project schedule is the first port of call, which means your whole claim/dispute will be thrown out the window if your schedule is discredited.

We analyse your schedule to determine its general health and report as to where the risks lie and where you may be most vulnerable. We can also further assist in fixing these issues.

Tender Schedule Development

Placing an emphasis on good quality tender schedules means better cash outflow projections, substantiated activity duration, accurately predicting project requirements and facilitates more accurate outsourcing strategies.

A good tender schedule can stimulate your client's confidence in your ability to do the work and do it well. PLUS, your chances at actually making money off the project will significantly increase, having included resources integration, cost control and all the finer detail in your schedule.

Let us assist in building a credible tender schedule that will lay the best foundation from which to kick off the project.

Better cash flow-out projections enables role players to make far better projections concerning cash out flow. Therefore, you can focus on means to break payment down into meaningful deliverables that are more easily agreed upon.

Short Term / As Needed Project Planning

Many organizations embarking on a new project either have over-extended internal resources, due to multiple projects overlapping, or they simply cannot afford to employ specific skills on a full-time basis due to the general absence of continuous project work. For project-driven organizations this is true during the tender stage as well as during project execution. Sometimes project durations are very short, 2-3 months, making it difficult to attract good skills. Also, consider that a production organization implementing its own projects hardly ever employs project control staff on a full-time basis.

The best solution would therefore be for such organizations to employ these skills on an as-and-when required basis. As-and-when implies being available to provide support at short notice and through short sprints.

Profactaplan strives to meet our clients' needs, which is why we share our personnel between active projects where practical (clients are billed proportionately), we incorporate non-standard hours at standards rates (evenings/weekends) and we work remotely to create win-win situations for all concerned.

Remote Project Planning

So, you cannot justify one or more project controls individuals to be appointed on-site to your project on a full-time basis, but you do not have the need for expert skills in relation to monitoring, evaluation, forecasting and reporting. You have personnel deployed on your project that actively manage the project. You have project team members that collate information in relation to physical works performed, man-hours expended, issues affecting the works, etc. 

We can support you by providing the expert skills your project needs in one of two ways: 

  • Fully remote: Your on-site personnel provide all the input and our personnel processes this remotely
  • Partially Remote: Our personnel perform periodic site visits to gather, collate and verify information and processes this remotely.
Comprehensive Project Planning

Consider this your Project Planning Office. From tender phase, to close out, your project schedule is handled by our expert team of Project Planners. From schedule development, to updating, to monitoring & controlling, to reporting, we have your back.

We are on-site full time to monitor progress, meet with he execution team on a regular basis, meet and update the client on a regular basis, run forecasts for the Project Manager and his team and raise flags for any potentials issues.

Want to sleep sound without any worries with regards to your project schedule? This is the option for you.

Delays & Disputes

In relation to claims and disputes, we have experience on both sides of the fence. Whether you need to prove that you are entitled to extended timelines and / or remuneration, or that you are not obligated to grant relief and / or compensate, you need to have both sound knowledge of project planning principles to dissect the schedule, and good contract knowledge to prove your case. 

We have decades of experience doing project planning to international standards, not just producing outputs from the software, but actually understanding the inner workings thereof and how to interpret the results. 

Having handled time extensions with associated cost claims both in NEC and FIDIC environments, we have had successful recoveries in excess of R400 million for out clients.

That being said, we are not a "hired gun". Hired guns are consultants who do not analyse the evidence but simply try to get a desired outcome, charging you every step of the way regardless of your chances. We analyse the evidence and will be honest with regards to your eligibility. We are skilled at forensic planning, delving into the fact to build a case based on truth and evidence.

Project Controls

If you need more than project planning, project controls is the way to go. 

A basic Project Control service covers Planning & Scheduling, Estimating and Cost Control. In this instance we establish the performance management baseline and continues to evaluate actual performance against the baseline with regular reforecasting, to constantly gauge the most likely outcome of your project costs and timelines. 

Our Project Control service can be further expanded to incorporate Risk Management, Document Control and possibly other knowledge areas. 

Everything you need to manage the triple constraint (time, cost, quality/scope) in one service

Our Clients

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  • Microsoft Projects

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  • JBCC


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"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now"
- Allan Lakein - 

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