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Know more than just the software.

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Does your Skill Go Beyond the software ?

  • There are many software training courses available, but do you know the principles?
  • Is your project schedule/programme so thorough that it is indispensable to the project team?
  • Do you add so much value to your team, that they choose to include you in handling project obstacles?
  • Do you find it difficult to demonstrate your intangible skill when applying for a job?

Feel confident because you've mastered the principles

Why Train with us?

  • Our training materials have been developed by experts in the field
  • Our trainers are all professionals in the field, some with international accreditation
  • Our training materials and methods have been tried and tested

Where Our graduates worked



  • The course runs for 22 weeks
  • New modules are released every 2 weeks
  • A variety of formats are used (Reading material, Instructional video, Quiz’s, Practical Exercises, Assignments, etc.)
  • Project planning concepts covered range from grassroots level to practicing Project Planner
  •  Students are supported through each level by top class instructors and administrators
  • Assignments are graded and count towards your final mark
  • Final examination comprises of both theoretical and practical sections
  •  A minimum pass requirement applies for successful course completion

What is covered in the training?

  • Module 1 – Project Planning and it’s relation to Project Management
  • Module 2 – The PMBOK’s Schedule Management Process & Requirements
  • Module 3 – Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development Process
  • Module 4 – Understanding Project Activities & the Process to Define/Create Them
  • Module 5 – Mastering Project Activity Relationships/Logic/Sequencing
  • Module 6 – Realistic Activity Duration Estimates by Incorporating Resource Estimates in your Project
  • Module 7 – PMBOK Project Schedule Development – Putting it all Together
  • Module 8 – Measuring, Evaluating & Reporting Project Shcedule Performance

how much does it cost?

What happens when I enroll?

  • Clicking on Enroll takes you to the Product page where you can add the training to your cart.
  • Go to your cart and complete your personal and payment information.
  • Once you have completed your purchase, you will get an email confirming your order and payment.
  • Within 48 hours you will receive your electronic welcome pack which includes the link to setup your profile on the learning platform, and you can even immediately start communicating with your fellow-students in the course community.
  • Modules will be released from the course start date in two weekly intervals, allowing time for consuming content and assignment completion, -submittal and -review.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”  -Allan Lakein-

Be confident in your skills.

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