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Know more than just the software.

Next course starts 1 March 2021
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Does your Skill Go Beyond the software ?

  • There are many software training courses available, but do you know the principles?
  • Is your project schedule/programme so thorough that it is indispensable to the project team?
  • Do you add so much value to your team, that they choose to include you in handling project obstacles?
  • Do you find it difficult to demonstrate your intangible skill when applying for a job?

Feel confident because you've mastered the principles

Why Train with us?

  • Our training materials have been developed by experts in the field
  • Our trainers are all professionals in the field, some with international accreditation
  • Our training materials and methods have been tried and tested

Where Our graduates worked


What's the Plan?

  • The course runs for 18 weeks
  • New modules are released every 2 weeks
  • A variety of formats are used (Reading material, Instructional video, Quiz’s, Practical Exercises, Assignments, etc.)
  • Project planning concepts covered range from grassroots level to practicing Project Planner
  •  Students are supported through each level by top class instructors and administrators
  • Assignments are graded and count towards your final mark
  • Final examination comprises of both theoretical and practical sections
  •  A minimum pass requirement applies for successful course completion

What is covered in the training?

  • Module 1 – Project Planning and it’s relation to Project Management
  • Module 2 – The PMBOK’s Schedule Management Process & Requirements
  • Module 3 – Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development Process
  • Module 4 – Understanding Project Activities & the Process to Define/Create Them
  • Module 5 – Mastering Project Activity Relationships/Logic/Sequencing
  • Module 6 – Realistic Activity Duration Estimates by Incorporating Resource Estimates in your Project
  • Module 7 – PMBOK Project Schedule Development – Putting it all Together
  • Module 8 – Measuring, Evaluating & Reporting Project Shcedule Performance

how much does it cost?

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”  -Allan Lakein-

Be confident in your skills.

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