• Effective Project Controls is embraced by organisations, project practitioners and project teams as value adding, and acknowledged as an absolute necessity for improved project success. 
  • Profactaplan is respected as a leader in value-adding project control practices and the partner of choice to organisations striving towards improved project outcomes.
  • Project success rates of achieving intended objectives within budget and time, greatly outweigh project failure rates resulting in prospering companies that impact the economy through job creation, creating the new, and improving or maintaining the existing.


  • Educate organisations in the benefits of effective project controls through our project control awareness seminars.
  • Work with project teams to coach them in the proper interpretation of project control information and guide them in determining the correct course of action.
  • Deliver high quality products and services aligned with industry best practices through affiliations with international organisations that foster continuous development and improvement.
  • Deploy diverse and advanced methods in analysing, forecasting and presenting information to enable project teams to gain full insight into project performance and expected outcomes.
  • Distinguish skill levels and identify shortcomings and areas of focus for further development.
  • We are taking our training materials on-line in order to reach more incumbents and speed up the process of enriching the fraternity

Our History


Profactaplan was founded in 2006 when we realized that there is a shortage of project planning skill in the market.   The initial goal was purely to train people, but the demand was so great that, before we even knew it, we were providing services.  Our service was founded on the principle of a group of people who have the same intent and mindset, and that is to improve the situation on projects and to improve the performance and success rates of organizations.

Our services were premised on the fact that we wanted to ensure that the project get the entire service that it needs.  Rather than just take an individual and placing him/her on a project, we placed individuals with the full backing of a seasoned project controls team, collectively boasting in excess of 50 years project controls experience at international standards.


While delivering our service, we started our training goal in the form of mentorship.  We mentored individuals one-on-one to equip them for the field of project planning.  They quickly became part of our services team.  Some are still with us today, while others continue to service the industry elsewhere.


We offered our first formal training sessions in 2012 which delivered our first two formal graduates who went on to excel beyond expectation in the field due to their solid foundation.  This proved to us that we were on the right track, leading to our second group of graduates in 2015.


Our first short course:  The Fundamentals of Project Planning, was launched in 2017 together with the development of other quality assurance products for the project controls industry.


We have developed the PFP rating which is an assessment that indicates the skill level of Project Planners


We launched our Project Controls Awareness seminars at our first ever exhibition at the Africa Energy Indaba in 2019.

Our training also went online, making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

From its inception in 2006 till today, Profactaplan continues to strive for the improvement of performance and success rates, for projects and organizations around the world.

Our Team

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