Projects during covid-19

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How Do We Continue Our Project Planning And Project Control Services During COVID Lockdown Periods?

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Collaborative meetings are done online via Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom where we obtain information and share feedback.

Same as meetings, but old school methods are also applied, i.e. picking up the telephone to discuss progress, impacts, risks etc. Email is also utilised.

Schedule/Programme development, updates, evaluations and forecasts are done remotely on our professionals’ computers at home instead of at the office.

Should your site be running, we will be able to get on site periodically, as necessary, to confirm progress, or should there be things that cannot be handled remotely.

Potential risks are identified using schedules, site diaries, contracts etc., and then communicated using the above methods, including support in avoiding and mitigating the risk.

Should any impacts arise, including COVID related ones, we help to determine possible impacts, and determine the extent of the impacts, on your programme/schedule.

Ways your Business can keep going despite lockdown

Tenders are one of the activities that are not as severely affected during lockdown, and one can even use this time to focus on tender programmes/schedules.

A lot of work takes place remotely, i.e. procurement, engineering, design etc. These can all continue, including the planning and management thereof.

If your site is running, we can support remotely and even periodically visit the site as needed.

Other activities, such as software development projects, forensic delay analysis stemming from impacts (such as the COVID pandemic), cost determination (quantum), compilation of bills of quantities/materials, etc., can continue despite the lockdown.

This is the perfect opportunity to ensure your schedule is of good quality, ensuring it is rock solid, should claims be the way forward after the lockdown. Or even just to ensure that all is in place to guarantee a smooth transition through each lockdown level.

Being challenged in life is inevitable… being defeated is optional

Site is running

  • We can assist through remote support with periodic site visits; or

Site is not running

  • We can support you with any run-of-the-mill control activities that can be performed remotely; or

Pressing Project Issues

  • If you have any pressing project issues, be it on tenders, completed or in-progress projects where information can be shared and processed remotely, we can support you.

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